Greece to buy French warships

There was a lot of anger in Paris when Australia let a planned submarine dealcollapse two weeks ago. Now Macron has reason to smile once more. Despite high government debt, Greece is purchasing three French frigates as part of a 'strategic partnership'. Greece's press is ambivalent about the deal.

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Kathimerini (GR) /

At the forefront

Athens' decision strengthens Europe's independence, writes Kathimerini:

“Greece appears to be at the forefront of efforts to increase Europe's strategic autonomy. Strengthening relations with France, the only EU country that is trying to push Europe as far as possible in the direction of a common defence and foreign policy, is a risk and a strategic choice that will be tested over time. ... If all that is being said about the importance of Greek-French cooperation on defence is confirmed, then this could also serve as a focal point for the rest of the EU. Provided the North goes along with it, of course.”

The Press Project (GR) /

Athens filling gaps for arms dealers

The costly warship deal comes at the wrong time, ThePressProject criticises:

“In the midst of the global health crisis, the Greek government has decided to 'patch up' the hole the Aukus pact has left in the finances of its 'friend and ally' France. ... Similarly, the dictatorial regime of Egypt, also a 'friend and ally' of the Greek government, is purchasing 30 Rafale aircraft for 3.95 billion euros. If we 'allies' all dig deep into our pockets, perhaps we can help the French dealers in death recoup their losses.”