Northern Ireland Protocol: what comes next?

A new phase in the negotiations on post-Brexit arrangements for the internal Irish border begins on Tuesday. The UK's Brexit minister David Frost is to present a new proposal. Counterproposals from Brussels are expected on Wednesday. The UK is threatening to trigger Article 16, which would lead to the suspension of parts of the Northern Ireland Protocol.

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The Daily Telegraph (GB) /

Protocol must be renegotiated

Britain's Brexit minister Lord Frost must not settle for ridiculously small gestures from the EU, the Daily Telegraph insists:

“But we've come to a point at which the ever-so-patient Lord Frost may be compelled to invoke Article 16 and suspend parts of the Protocol. The Agreement was born out of a tragic period of weakness in British politics – now resolved ... . Boris Johnson had to swallow the Protocol to avoid 'no deal': the result was an unequal treaty, which no self-respecting nation would ever regard as a settled matter.”

Irish Independent (IE) /

UK playing a dangerous game

Brussels and Dublin must not allow themselves to be intimidated, The Irish Independent comments:

“The persistent background threat by London to set aside the North's special trade status by invoking the so-called Article 16 provisions continue to cast a shadow over the upcoming talks. The UK government tries to depict itself as a model of forbearance on this, arguing that the conditions for triggering this clause already exist – but it is holding back as a goodwill gesture. ... London already knows they are playing a dangerous game here and risking all future co-operation with the EU as a close neighbour.”