One year of Biden: is this the best he can do?

One year has passed since Joe Biden won the US presidential election. His poll ratings have dropped and important reforms are failing partly due to opposition from within his own party. Taking stock of his performance so far, Europe's press is less than enthusiastic and sees the US president under increasing pressure from his predecessor Donald Trump.

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T24 (TR) /

Shadowed by doubts

The euphoria at Biden's election is being replaced by disillusionment, T24 writes:

“If a vote were held today, Biden's election would be extremely doubtful. According to polls support for Biden has fallen below 50 percent for the first time. A debate has even begun over whether he will finish his four-year term. Doubts about his health have grown ... In two years he'll be 80, and many wonder how he'll be able to lead the country. Should Biden end his presidency early for any reason, according to the constitution his deputy Kamala Harris would take over. But she hasn't been seen since the elections.”

El Mundo (ES) /

A powerless bore

El Mundo is disappointed with Biden:

“The Democratic president was called on to mend a country torn by polarisation, but he doesn't seem to be succeeding. ... He has failed to push through major reforms, and he wasn't even able to convince his citizens of the need to considerably increase vaccination rates. Not to mention the disgraceful withdrawal from Afghanistan. ... His profile as a bore and the disappointment with Vice President Kamala Harris are not helping his case either. She disappeared as quickly as she rose. ... Trumpism is by no means exhausted, despite the embarrassing assault on Capitol Hill. He is waiting to return to power. Biden must react quickly if he wants to fulfil the hopes placed in him.”

El Periódico de Catalunya (ES) /

Trump is breathing down his neck

El Periódico de Catalunya looks on in disbelief as Trump positions himself for 2024:

“Never in American history has a former president had so much influence after leaving the White House. Trump has still not acknowledged his defeat and has no intention of throwing in the towel. ... On the contrary, he's keeping open the possibility of running for president in 2024. ... The challenge for Biden is formidable, because if he's already having such difficulty achieving his goals despite his majority in the House of Representatives and being able to rely on half of the Senate, one wonders what his situation will be a year from now [after the midterm elections] if the Republicans regain the majority in both chambers.”

Politiken (DK) /

Electoral reform urgently needed

US Democrats must act now if they want to protect democracy, Politiken advises:

“Trump being re-elected is a danger to which no one should turn a blind eye. If he comes back he'll do irreparable damage to American democracy. ... The Democrats in the US must now do everything in their power to pass the electoral reform that reduces the importance of money and makes it harder to rig constituencies and exclude people from the voting process. It's harder to accomplish things at the international level, but as close allies of the US we should support Biden as much as we can. Because no one can predict the consequences of a decline of democracy in the US.”