Poland: Kaczyński stokes tensions with EU

Jarosław Kaczyński, leader of Poland's ruling PiS party, has once again adopted a confrontational stance vis-à-vis the EU: it cannot and must not be that the EU does not adhere to treaties, agreements and contracts with Poland, he stated in an interview. The background is a dispute between Brussels and Warsaw over the rule of law in Poland.

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Rzeczpospolita (PL) /

Kyiv needs Warsaw as its ambassador

Rzeczpospolita is annoyed by the content and timing of the EU's criticism:

“The understanding of the EU presented by the leader of the governing party means the complete marginalisation of Poland in Europe. ... In view of the war in Ukraine, it is more than a mistake to start a political war with Brussels, which will lead to us being pushed to the margins of European politics. It is political suicide. And at the same time a missed opportunity to lead Ukraine into the EU. Kyiv needs Poland as an ambassador who is an important player in the EU, not as a pariah.”

Gazeta Wyborcza (PL) /

A fresh start would have been so easy

Gazeta Wyborcza is also incensed:

“Russia's invasion of Ukraine was a chance for Poland to make a new start in its relations with the West. The world marvelled at the solidarity shown by Poles who took in Ukrainian refugees, and at the commitment of Polish politicians who organised help for their struggling neighbour. Disputes over the rule of law could have been settled in an instant, and that would have opened up a flow of funds from the EU's coffers. But the opportunity was missed and the deadline has passed.”