French baguette gets cultural heritage status

The artisanal know-how and culture of the French baguette has now been added to the Unesco "intangible cultural heritage" list. Each baker creates a unique product from the four ingredients flour, water, salt and yeast, the application stated. The national press examines the social aspects of the baguette.

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L'Humanité (FR) /

A symbol of sharing

Invented in Paris, the French baguette is a symbol of sharing, L'Humanité observes, with reference to its history:

“The baguette, which in its current form originated in the 19th century, was also a symbol of Paris and its working class before it spread to all the departments of France, landing on all tables and crossing all borders - and always being welcomed with open arms. ... The baguette is like joy - it is there to be shared.”

Libération (FR) /

Baguettes for everyone!

If this tradition is to remain alive, there is an important point to consider, says Libération:

“There is a trend of declaring food a cultural asset. Of course, it is important to promote local and seasonal products and to fight against the standardisation of taste. But this is sometimes accompanied by a desire to set culinary practices in stone and punish innovators. ... Pride in this distinction threatens to make us forget the main problem: the steady rise in the cost of 'traditional' baguettes, which at times reaches absurd proportions and in effect excludes a section of the consumers. Yes, yes to the baguette - but then for everyone, please.”