Video shows execution of prisoner of war

An unverified video has been circulating on the internet which shows a Ukrainian prisoner of war being shot by presumably Russian soldiers. According to the Ukrainian army, the man was a Ukrainian soldier who had last fought near Bakhmut and had been missing since 3 February.

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A true hero

The murdered soldier's last words were "Glory to Ukraine". In a commentary on, Serhiy Fursa is deeply moved:

“'I didn't think that a person could face death so calmly and with such dignity. To know that the last moment has come and then make the decision to go with dignity - to go on one's own terms, with words on one's lips that one has chosen oneself. ... I used to think that only movie heroes died like that. Now I know what dignity is - the true dignity of a real Ukrainian hero.” (UA) /

Remembering atrocities will protect the next generations

Such atrocities must never be forgotten, Vitaly Portnikov insists in his column on

“We must remember each of these crimes so that when the war is over we can punish the war criminals. We must pass on the memory of these crimes to those who will live in Ukraine after us, to protect our descendants from trying to find their way back to Moscow. There will be many such attempts in the coming years and in the first years after the war.”

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The perpetrators will be identified

Rzeczpospolita comments:

“Criminals of this and the previous century always tried to cover up their crimes. The graves in Katyn, the ploughed-over burial sites of Stalin's victims, the ashes at Auschwitz. Neither the Nazis nor the Communists wanted to leave traces of their crimes. ... The authors of these terrible images were seduced by the illusion that they will be able to cover their tracks; that the digital ocean will anonymise the identity of the perpetrators and victims. But that's nothing more than an illusion. Just as the perpetrators of the crimes in Bucha have been identified, the murderers of the Ukrainian prisoner will soon be identified.”