Will Macron rejuvenate France?

Emmanuel Macron, former economy minister in Manuel Valls' Socialist government, announced on Wednesday that he will run for president in next spring's elections. The French press is divided in its assessment of the founder of the En marche! movement.

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Le Vif / L'Express (BE) /

Finally a ray of hope

Finally a politician with fresh ideas and a sense of optimism has appeared in France's cheerless political landscape, Le Vif/L'Express writes in delight:

“The founder of the movement 'En marche!' is the anti-Marine Le Pen candidate par excellence. No one knows if his bet will pay off come May. But with his approach reminiscent of General de Gaulle's, the former economy minister at least deserves credit for trying. ... In responding quicker than the others, Macron has stirred up trouble by reshuffling the cards. No doubt this is exactly what political discussion - as filled with bitterness in Europe as in the US - badly needed. That won't lessen the suffering, anger or resentment. But it could inspire new hope. At last.”

Le Figaro (FR) /

Macron was also part of the system

There's something fishy when an important cog in the old system suddenly comes out as a revolutionary, Le Figaro believes:

“The disoriented and vindictive public will demand more than just pretty words. What's more, nothing says that as the weeks go by, the French won't reproach Macron for having been François Hollande's principal adviser and minister, surprised as they are at seeing him suddenly want to destroy the order that he had formerly actively supported. Could it be that lurking beneath the surface of this elegant political artist is a fearsome opportunist? Will he not seek to use his charisma and orator's skills to orchestrate a formidable electoral fraud - namely making the French believe that the best way to get rid of François Hollande is to vote for the man who guided his decisions for so long - with the results that we know.”