New party gets off to a strong start in Romania

Ahead of Romania's parliamentary elections on December 11 a new party is making headlines. The Save Romania Union (USR) is a coalition of young activists from the private sector and the NGO scene. Although the party was formed only four months ago the USR is hitting the double digits in the polls. What can the country expect of the new party?

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Ziare (RO) /

USR a dangerous illusion

The USR will disappoint the hopes the Romanian people have in it, Ziare fears:

“The Save Romania Union stands for a paradox that can be observed with increasing frequency in Romanian politics. It gets attention and manages to make people talk about it even though it lacks both a charismatic leader and any ideas or a programme that really appeal to voters. In reality the USR is just an illusion in the minds of all those who are sick and tired of politics and parties, and dream of a society led by a very select elite. The USR is orchestrating the final deception of all those who are already disgusted and disappointed. … The only thing that is for sure with the USR is that, depending on the result on December 11, the Union will either become a party or become part of another shattered dream.”

Radio Europa Liberă (RO) /

Criticism of the system on every channel

Europa Liberă speculates about which party the new group could team up with:

“The USR is gradually taking over the voter base of the National Liberals [PNL]. The PNL is suffering from corruption and chronic fatigue, and it lacks leaders, ideas and initiatives. The Save Romania Union, by contrast, is flooding the virtual space, it is bursting with energy and its leaders are on all the news channels regardless of their reputation. They are denouncing the system, the corruption and also the Liberals, whom they accuse of taking over the image of Prime Minister Dacian Cioloș, who is not running for office but is happy to be courted by both the PNL and the USR. … What the PNL's loses, the USR gains, and vice versa. If they win enough votes the two parties could form a government together, under that very same Dacian Cioloș's leadership.”