Romania also wants compulsory vaccination

In the wake of a measles outbreak Italy has decided to introduce compulsory vaccination. Children must be vaccinated against ten illnesses, failing which they will be banned from attending pre-school nurseries and their parents will face fines. In view of a rise in the number of measles cases Romania wants to introduce a similar law. Does compulsory vaccination make sense?

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De Morgen (BE) /

Win the fight in parents' minds

De Morgen sees low vaccine coverage as a problem, but rejects Italian-style compulsory vaccination:

“The anti-vaccine movement illustrates a wider phenomenon in which every authority is mistrusted. In trying to discover the truth, some citizens get caught up in the global network of conspiracy theorists. ... But the guerilla war over the truth can't be won with strict top-down measures like compulsory vaccination. ... More important is to start with a grass-roots campaign disseminating the right information to counter the anti-vaccine lobby's dangerous nonsense. That fight must be won in the parents' hearts and minds.”

România liberă (RO) /

A vaccine against stupidity

The Romanian government wants to pass a law making vaccination compulsory for certain illnesses and obliging parents to keep themselves well-informed about such requirements. This is the right approach, România Liberă stresses:

“[The drop in vaccination rates] is typical of underdeveloped populations who believe that their country is the navel of the world and that a saving miracle is close at hand. ... In healthy countries the state reacts with political decisions. That's the only vaccine against stupidity. ... The more educated the people are, the faster productivity increases and the more money is available for everyone - also to tackle problems. Our leaders by contrast showed recently that they cultivate profound stupidity to secure voters' support. For them, unvaccinated children, run-down hospitals and the collapse of the education system are merely collateral damage.”