May and Trump in a diplomatic Twitter crisis

A dispute between British PM May and US President Trump has made waves in Britain. Angered by May's accusation that it was a mistake to share Islamophobic videos on Twitter, Trump tweeted that rather than focussing on him, May should focus on the "destructive radical Islamic terrorism" in the UK. The British press reacts with indignation - and a touch of self-criticism.

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The Guardian (GB) /

Withdraw invitation for official visit

The Guardian is enraged by Trump's Twitter attacks on Theresa May:

“For an American president to address a British prime minister in this manner and on such a subject is without any modern precedent. It draws a line about values. May and Trump are on different sides of it. Trump is not May's friend, Britain's friend or a friend of the values that this part of the world stands for and must uphold. ... The tweets also make a Trump state visit to Britain inconceivable, now or at any other time. The original invitation was wholly premature and inappropriate.”

The Daily Telegraph (GB) /

Everyone falls for Trump's tricks again

The US president has once again managed to set the agenda for public debate, The Daily Telegraph explains:

“His Twitter account becomes a remote control for a nation's news. He chooses the topic, his critics condemn him - but they talk all day about a subject of his choice. They rise to the bait every time. We're now more than two years into the Trump phenomenon and, still, his main tactic isn't properly understood. He has fused politics and showbusiness, offered himself up as a villain, and the audience are too busy booing to work out that they have all, none the less, turned up at his performance.”