Parliament in Skopje clears way for name change

The parliament of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (Fyrom) has voted in favour of amending the constitution so that in future the country will be called the "Republic of North Macedonia", as agreed with Greece. In a non-binding referendum at the end of September more than 90 percent of those who took part in the referendum voted in favour of the name change but the necessary quorum wasn't reached.

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Avgi (GR) /

This is how to regain control of your destiny

The pro-government daily Avgi praises the decision of the parliament in Skopje as a historic step:

“The majority of the population of the Fyrom wants an end to this absurd dispute. It wants friendly relations and cooperation with Greece. ... We've said it before and we repeat once again: no matter what the geopolitical situation is, turning one's back on nationalism has never harmed relations between peoples. On the contrary. Candid friendship has always put a brake on the interests of imperialist powers. Honest cooperation has allowed the people to take their fates into their own hands without being patronised.”

Kurir (MK) /

Parliament has no right to interfere

The Macedonian daily Kurir argues by contrast that after the referendum of 30 September the parliament doesn't have the authority to accept the change of name:

“Neither the MPs nor the head of government nor any minister has the authority to change the name of the state and the identity of the Macedonian people. Therefore the parliament's decision must be declared null and void. ... It is unacceptable for the name and identity of a nation to become a political plaything. ... Only the people have the sovereign right to make the decision on the change of name.”