Tumblr bans pornographic content

The blogging platform Tumblr has announced it is banning images of sex, women's nipples and genitals as of December 17. The reason: the site was apparently used to spread child pornography. With this move Tumblr is adopting a set of regulations as strict as those of Facebook. Some commentators show understanding for the company's decision. Others say it jeopardises freedom.

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Novaya Gazeta (RU) /

A global network of censorship

That's the end of the free Internet, Novaya Gazeta criticises:

“The new censorship standards show how the illusion of a free, global Internet is disintegrating before our eyes. Every state in the world already has its own rules for the Internet. ... And this national censorship is complemented by the self-censorship of the big IT companies. As in the real world, countless rules and limits apply on the Internet. So you should always be clear about whose jurisdiction you're in when you open your browser. Do you want to write about the results of World War II, about sex, or about the head of the regional government? We'll tell our grandchildren how it was when the Internet was open and free for everyone.”

Wedomosti (RU) /

Fight against sexual violence needs rules

Vedomosti shows understanding for the new rules:

“The ability to remove content in reaction to complaints made on the basis of limits that are not always clear does create room for abuse. However, the companies seem to believe this risk is justified when it's a question of limiting the consequences of the spread of sexual harassment. ... The popular services link their reactions to the growing concern on the part of users about the problem of sexual violence with the effort to become more attractive for young users. Their market position suggests that the restrictions will work. But the key question - the creation of an atmosphere of general intolerance of sexual violence - will only be solved when offline follows on online.”