Thousands protesting against Vučić in Serbia

Thousands of protesters in Serbia have been demonstrating against President Vučić since December. They accuse him of autocratic leadership and limiting press freedom. Vučić has now announced a crackdown on government critics. Commentators take differing views of the protests.

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Duma (BG) /

Who's the fascist here?

Vučić has called those taking part in the mass demonstrations in Belgrade "fascists" and "rioters". Duma turns the tables:

“It's simply primitive to describe tens of thousands of people who are protesting against social problems as fascists, oligarchs and rioters. Among other things, the Serbs are complaining about the censorship of the media that Vučić has imposed as prime minister. The state television has ignored the protests, which is why the demonstrators now want access to the broadcaster. According to Vučić only fascists and oligarchs could be behind such a move. But isn't it more fascist to suppress the voices of the protesting people?”

Večernji list (HR) /

Demonstrators without a clear cause

Večernji list wonders what the demonstrators actually hope to achieve, aside from Vučić's resignation:

“The basic question is whether in the 21st century the street has become the solution for problems that have been piling up for years. ... From the media blockade to the obscure election regulations, many of the opposition's complaints are justified. At the same time the demonstrators' basic demands and voter potential are unknown, since Vučić and his party regularly win the elections in Serbia. ... Even according to the most recent polls [Vučić's party] the SNS would win hands down. Still, the hope remains that normal talks will finally be held so as to avoid ugly scenes.”