Massive hacker attack in Bulgaria

Unknown hackers in Bulgaria have stolen the data of millions of people and businesses, leaking it to several media outlets. This is the biggest case of data theft in Bulgaria's history. A number of commentators are calling for the resignation of those responsible. But further action must be taken, others stress.

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Deutsche Welle (BG) /

Flood the state with lawsuits

The people affected should all sue the state for violation of data protection, the Bulgarian service of Deutsche Welle recommends.

“When we notice that our credit card has been stolen we call the bank and have it blocked. But what do we do when the data of millions of people gets leaked? Hire better IT specialists with higher wages? It's too late for that. The only thing that will help now is if the people affected by the 'IT Chernobyl' flood the state with lawsuits... Even if one or another minister does resign, what will it bring us? Will it make it easier to bear the humiliation of living in a 'hacked state'?”

Club Z (BG) /

Data theft a threat to national security

The theft must have consequences, demands Club Z:

“The mass of stolen data includes bank data, gambling data, VAT rebates, tax returns, the addresses of individuals and businesses. The list is long. And we must be clear about this: if the tax office is being hacked today, tomorrow it could be the traffic lights in Sofia, air traffic control, or the security departments of our nuclear power stations. This is not just about a bit of data. This is a threat to national security. ... There is no quick fix for this problem, but we first need to see some people resigning very rapidly - from the lowest level data security officers in the tax office to the finance minister.”