The Netherlands: airline industry to cut emissions

The so-called nitrogen crisis is propelling the Netherlands to take further action. After the introduction of a speed limit on motorways and restrictions for the livestock industry following the recommendations of a special committee, the airline industry is now being told to cut its emissions. This would hinder the expansion of Schiphol airport, however. The Dutch press is divided.

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De Volkskrant (NL) /

At last the courage for real change

De Volkskrant is full of praise for the committee's work:

“First a 100km/h speed limit on motorways is introduced at the recommendation of the committee. ... Now a ruling is in the pipeline for reforming livestock farming, with compensation for farmers - which was taboo when the government took office. Reducing livestock numbers, discouraging cars that use fossil fuels, climate protection measures in aviation: all these measures proved to be very difficult - until the nitrogen crisis, that is. ... That the committee has decided to hinge the growth of the airline industry on the reduction of nitrogen emissions is laudable indeed.”

NRC Handelsblad (NL) /

Harmless sector taking the rap for cattle farmers

The airline industry, which produces around one percent of emissions, is by no means the main culprit when it comes to nitrogen pollution, NRC Handelsblad complains:

“The biggest polluter of all, the agricultural industry (45 percent of nitrogen emissions), has only had to 'endure' a buy-back regulation for pig farmers. This shows just how powerful the agricultural lobby is. ... Something has gone wrong here: the lobbying power of the agricultural sector is completely disproportionate to its relevance for the economy and its impact on the climate and environment.”