Safepass: surreptitious compulsory vaccination in Cyprus?

Documents known as Safepasses are being introduced in Cyprus this week which give vaccinated citizens access to diverse venues and facilities in the coming weeks. The certificates provide confirmation that the carrier has either recovered from Covid, been vaccinated with at least one dose or tested negative on a rapid test in the past 72 hours. The Cyprus Bar Association has called the decision to introduce the documents unconstitutional. The country's media are also critical of the move.

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Cyprus Mail (CY) /

A blow to personal freedom

For the Cyprus Mail the case is clear:

“This is probably aimed at forcing people, especially those of a younger age, to be vaccinated. Under the circumstances, vaccination would be considered a small price to pay for a young person to be able to go to cafes and bars whenever they choose to. The government could also argue that it was not discriminating against the unvaccinated because a negative rapid test would suffice as a Covid passport. It is, however, setting very specific conditions for allowing people over 12 years of age to go to a restaurant or a café. This is another erosion of personal liberty.”

Dialogos (CY) /

Persuasion would be better

Columnist Eleni Mavrou also criticises the government's style in Dialogos:

“To put it clearly: vaccinations have been saving lives for decades, and I believe this is the only way to overcome this pandemic. However, the deputy government spokesman cannot tell us that such a measure will definitely 'lead us to our complete freedom'. Instead of trying to convince and help citizens, it has been decided that pretty much only those who have been vaccinated can move freely. These are sudden, contradictory, disproportionate measures.”