Romania: judge Danileț expelled again

The Judge Section of the Romanian Supreme Council of Magistrates has expelled Cristi Danileț, a judge and popular public figure, from the magistracy for the second time for disciplinary offences including involvement in two political formations. He is no longer allowed to work as a judge and his salary has also been suspended. Commentators suspect the move is aimed at deterring judges like Danileț who are committed to bringing about change in the judicial system.

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Deutsche Welle (RO) /

No room for critics

Columnist Sabina Fati comments on Deutsche Welle's Romanian Service:

“Many of his magistrate colleagues were disturbed by his growing popularity, the local elite was often angered by his teaching at schools, and the system was worried by his rise in social standing. A person who is liked by the people, who has become well-known among the youth, who can launch a pro-justice movement, is perceived as dangerous. ... The signal that the system is sending by punishing Danileț, who has been kicked out of the judiciary for no reason, is very clear: there is no room here for malcontents, for critics, for those who propagate reformism.” (RO) /

Romania could become another Hungary

G4Media hopes for reactions from the EU and Romanian authorities:

“If Romania is not pressured by Brussels to implement real reforms and respect the rule of law, we should not be surprised if we end up with another Hungary in Eastern Europe. We should not be deceived by Bucharest's double discourse: in Brussels they say what the Europeans want to hear, but at home they behave just like Victor Orbán, at least towards the press and the judiciary. The Danileț case should serve as a major wake-up call for young magistrates and society as a whole. The terrible silence amidst which a judge was stripped of his functions should shock us all.”