Who is preventing a deal in Cyprus?

The UN special advisor on Cyprus, Espen Barth Eide, has said he sees good chances of the suspended talks on the reunification of the island being resumed by the end of March. The press of the countries involved in the talks is less optimistic that the conflict can ever be resolved.

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Politis (CY) /

Turkey will always block progress

Nicosia should stop hoping that strengthening ties with Ankara will bring a solution to the Cyprus problem, writes Politis:

“It's clear that the policy Athens and Nicosia pursued in supporting Turkey's bid to join the EU has not only been ineffective but has failed miserably. … Instead of becoming more democratic Turkey has become more authoritarian. In its relations with Greece it has become more aggressive instead of friendlier. And as far as its European policy is concerned it has developed a political rhetoric that would make you think the EU wants to adapt to Turkey rather than Turkey wanting to be integrated in the EU. The current crisis in the relations between the EU and Turkey offers us the opportunity to reassess our stance regarding Turkey's European course. Otherwise we will remain trapped in our illusions.”

T24 (TR) /

Greeks will never forgive

The reunification of the island is unrealistic for one specific reason as far as T24 is concerned:

“The Cyprus issue is the main topic in the almost 20 newspapers and countless columns. But we are not a single centimetre closer to resolving the problem. ... The reasons for this could fill an entire book. But if we want to keep it as simple as possible the main reason is that the Greek Cypriots want the property they lost in 1974 [through the Turkish occupation] to be returned to them, which the Turks won't accept. … Why should the Greeks make peace and share the state they snatched in 1963 if they won't get their property back? They won't do it. They will light candles in church eternally and wait for an opportunity to get everything back. The Greeks are not like us. They are vindictive and will neither forget nor forgive. Waiting for a solution to the Cyprus issue is like waiting for Jesus to return to Earth.”