Is Spain's prositution law a good solution?

After passing the "Only yes means yes" sexual consent law, Spain is now debating a ban on pimping and the purchase of sexual services. Under a new draft law submitted by the ruling Spanish Socialist Workers' Party (PSOE), punters would face a fine or even imprisonment if they pay for sex with minors or a woman in precarious circumstances. The habitual use of premises for prostitution is also to be prohibited.

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El País (ES) /

Fines could raise awareness among clients

El País sees the bill as a good start:

“There are people who believe that prostitution should be eradicated because it's not a trade women choose, but a form of slavery. And there are those who believe it's an expression of women's sexual freedom. ... However, even among the latter there are those who find it hard to imagine that the huge sex industry is going to start posting job vacancies at the employment centre. ... So perhaps the idea of abolishing pimping and brothels isn't so bad after all. ... Perhaps if they have to pay fines, men will take more care to ensure that the prostitute really does think it's better to have 15 sex 'clients' a day than to obtain a work permit and work as a waitress.” (ES) /

Break with the Spanish prostitution culture

Sociologist and feminist Beatriz Ranea Triviño calls in for comprehensive protection for these women:

“It's clear that any legislation must include ambitious measures regarding social protection and, of course, touch on the law on foreigners. ... The proposal is clearly inadequate, but I would like to think that it is the duty of our political representatives to extend democracy and move towards social justice, filling in the gaps so that a proposal like this is as far-reaching as possible. And so that they show once and for all that they are ready to break with the Spanish prostitution culture.”